Zongshen Launches Cyclone RG3 Sport-Tourer In China

Sport-touring motorcycles are usually known for packing high-capacity engines with loads of power. After all, they are meant to cover long distances while retaining a sporty, performance-oriented nature. This rings particularly true for the U.S., thanks to its long, sprawling freeways which run for miles on end.

However, in lots of Asian and European countries, the cities are much closer to each other, and a cross-country ride can sometimes be considerably shorter than those Stateside. This means that, perhaps, sport-touring machines and long-distance tourers can do away with their liter-class motors in favor of more frugal, fuel-efficient mills. While there are a few sport tourers with smaller engines currently available in the market, they’re far and few in between. That said, Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Zongshen, has added a new bike to this slowly growing subsegment of motorcycling. 

The Zongshen Cyclone RG3 joins the company’s 2021 model lineup for the Chinese domestic market, and features a sport-touring configuration and a 401cc parallel-twin engine capable of propelling the bike to a top speed of just a hair under 100 miles per hour. Pumping out the better part of 42 ponies, the Cyclone RG3’s powerplant is comparable to that of the Kawasaki Ninja 400’s twin-cylinder motor. From a styling perspective, the Cyclone RG3’s front fascia will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows thanks to its striking similarity to the aesthetics of the new generation Kawasaki ZX-10R. 

Zongshen Launches Cyclone RG3 Sport-Tourer In China

On the feature front, however, Zongshen has packed the RG3 full to the brim. It gets a tall, adjustable windscreen, wide handlebar, and a rider and pillion seat that looks to be loaded with foam for maximum comfort on long-distance rides. A fancy 6.75-inch full-color TFT instrument panel figures prominently, as well. As is the case with nearly all bikes of this segment, ABS comes as standard on both ends. Perhaps the coolest feature of this bike is the built-in front-facing camera which sits just above the headlight. This will surely come in handy especially with today’s tech-savvy, social-media-focused generation of riders. 

Article by Enrico Punsalang

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